Terms and Conditions for Loan Applicant's

1| av‡ii †gqv` †kl n‡j Aek¨B avi †dir w`‡Z n‡e| †Kvb we‡kl Kvi‡b †`wi n‡j I‡qemvB‡U †`qv †gvevBj b¤^‡i †dvb K‡i Rvbv‡Z n‡e Ges Av‡jvPbvi gva¨‡g av‡ii †gqv` evov‡Z n‡e| ¸iæZi Amy¯’ ev gviv †M‡j avi cwi‡kva Ki‡Z n‡e bv|

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3| wb‡Ri bv‡g avi wb‡q Ab¨‡K avi †`qv hv‡e bv| A_©vr avi n¯ÍvšÍi †hvM¨ b‡n|

4| †h Kv‡Ri Rb¨ avi wb‡e, †mB Kv‡RB av‡ii A_© e¨envi Ki‡Z n‡e| †h‡Kvb mgq Ô`vb bq, aviÔ KZ©…c¶ cªgvY PvIqvi GLwZqvi iv‡L| †hgb Kw¤úDUvi, †gvevBj µ‡qi †¶‡Î gvwb wiwmU BZ¨vw`|


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6| avi cwi‡kv‡ai mKj c«gvYvw` ‡hgb weKv‡k UvKv cvVv‡bvi w¯ŒbkU ev g¨v‡mR ev wUAviG· AvBwW ev e¨vs‡K UvKv Rgv ‡`Iqvi iwk` avi M«nYKvix‡KB msM«‡n ivL‡Z n‡e| wnmve msµvšÍ ‡Kvb c«Kvi Awgj n‡j avi M«nxZv c«gvY ‡`Lv‡Z eva¨ _vwK‡e bZyev ‡iwR÷vi Avc‡WU n‡e bv|


7| GB Kvh©µg cwiPvwjZ nq `vZv‡`i Aby`v‡bi A‡_©i Dci wbf©i K‡i| Aby`v‡bi A_© mwVKfv‡e LiP n‡”Q wKbv , wk¶v_©xiv  DcK…Z n‡”Q wKbv Zv `vZviv ‡`L‡Z I eyS‡Z Pvq| Ges DcKvi ‡fvMx‡`i wiwfD ev g~jevb মন্তব্য ‡`‡LB  Ab¨iv GLv‡b Aby`vb Ki‡Z DrmvwnZ nq| ZvB avi M«nb Kivi ci eva¨Zvg~jKfv‡e Avgv‡`i ‡dBmeyK ‡cBজ বা গ্রুপে wiwfD w`‡Z n‡e|


8| `vb bq-avi Gi GKwU ‡dBmeyK Mªyc Av‡Q ‡hLv‡b ïayB mKj aviM«nxZv, Kw›U«weDUi, ‡¯^”Qv‡meK I cwiPvjKiv hy³ n‡Z cv‡ib| Gi gva¨‡g GB Kvh©µ‡gi mKj Lei, c«‡qvRbxq Z_¨ Ges mKj ai‡bi Avc‡WU mn‡RB mevi Kv‡Q ‡cŠ‡Q ‡`qv nq| avi M«nxZv‡`i Rb¨ GB Mªy‡c hy³ _vKv eva¨Zvg~jK|


অবশ্যই খেয়াল রাখতে হবে:

9| ধার প্রদানে গরিমসি করলে, ফোন না ধরলে, ম্যাসেজে রিপ্লাই না করলে, দুই মাস একটানা কিস্তি পরিশোধ না করলে গ্রুপের নোটিশ বোর্ডের মাধ্যমে ধার গ্রহীতার পুরো পরিচয় সহকারে ছবি প্রকাশিত করে রিমাইন্ডার প্রদান করা হয়।

10| kZ© f½ Ki‡j ev mgqg‡Zv avi cwi‡kva bv Ki‡j ev avi cwi‡kv‡a Mwigwm Ki‡j, Avgv‡`i স্বে”Q‡meK ev K¨v¤úv ‡Kv AiwW‡bUiiv ‡h‡Kvb mgq aviM«nYKvixi ‡gvevBj ev Kw¤úDUvi ev g~j¨evb wRwbmcÎ mvgwqK mg‡qi Rb¨ ev ‡jvb cwi‡kva bv Kiv ch©ন্ত Rã Kivi GLwZqvi iv‡L| GB Abwf‡c«Z NUbvq ‡Kvb Awf‡hvM Ki‡j Zv Avg‡j ‡bqv n‡e bv Ges Zv Ab¨vq e‡j M…wnZ n‡e bv|

11| Ô`vb bq, aviÕ Kvh©µ‡gi cwiPvjbvi myweav‡_© Dc‡iv³ kZ©m~gn KwgwU ev c«avb D‡`¨³vi wm×v‡šÍ cwieZ©b, cwiea©b I evwZj n‡Z cv‡i|

1. The loan must be repaid at the end of the loan period. In case of delay due to any special reason, call the mobile number given on the website and extend the loan period through negotiation. The loan does not have to be repaid in case of serious illness or death.

2. However, any information may be disclosed to some in the context of raising funds for 'donations, not loans' or for any type of audit, to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the company's accounts.

3. Borrowing in one's own name cannot be given to others. That is, the loan is not transferable.

4. Borrowed money should be used for the work for which the loan is taken. At any time the 'Don't Don't Borrow' authority reserves the right to ask for evidence. For example, money receipts for the purchase of computers, mobiles, etc.

5. No one will ever accept any interest or extra money or fee in return for 'Donate, Borrow' activities. If he gets proof, he will be reprimanded. But after paying off the loan anyone can join as a deemed payer by making a small contribution, but it is not mandatory.

6. Borrower should keep all proofs of loan repayment such as screenshot or message of sending money to Bikash or TRX ID or bank deposit receipt. In case of any discrepancy related to the account, the borrower will be obliged to show proof or the register will not be updated.

7. This program is run on donor funding. Donors want to see and understand whether the grant money is being spent properly, whether the students are benefiting. And others are encouraged to donate here by seeing the reviews or valuable comments of the beneficiaries. So after taking the loan, you must give a review on our Facebook page or group.

8. Daan Nai-Dhar has a Facebook group where only all borrowers, contributors, volunteers and directors can join. Through this, all news, necessary information and all types of updates of this program are easily communicated to everyone. It is mandatory for borrowers to join this group.

Be sure to note:

9. If you delay in paying the loan, if you don't pick up the phone, if you don't reply to the message. In case of non-payment of installments for two consecutive months, a reminder is issued through the notice board of the group by publishing the picture with full identity of the borrower.

10. In case of breach of conditions or non-payment of loan on time or delinquency in loan repayment, our volunteers or campus coordinators have the right to impound the borrower's mobile or computer or valuables at any time temporarily or until the loan is repaid. Any complaint made in this unintended incident will not be taken into account and will not be considered unfair.

11. The above conditions may be modified, extended or waived at the decision of the Committee or the Prime Minister to facilitate the operation of the 'Don't Donate, Borrow' programme.